This is a service platform through which we offer our clients the most advanced technology available to monitor and control crop nutrition. AgriTEC is available in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia.   

Our aim is to provide the best possible nutritional recommendations for your crops, through the information generated using the most modern diagnostic tools:

  1. Management of spatial variability with use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  2. Use of satellite and aerial images, orthophotographs and remote sensors.
  3. Nutritional follow-through and control.
  4. Monitoring irrigation through the use of humidity and meteorological sensors.


With AgriTEC, DISAGRO is pioneering and leading the development of a new high-yield agriculture.

AgriTEC uses the latest technology in agriculture with the aim of gathering information that allows better decisions to be made, so that our clients’ productive resources can be optimized. This makes it possible for crop producers to achieve a greater efficiency in terms of fertilization, a better crop yield, and greater profitability.

The process begins by understanding the spatial variability of the farm in order to discover the factors that have the greatest impact on production. In order to do this we analyze the soil, leaves, fruits, data on crop yields, satellite images, orthophotographs, remote sensors, etc., all of which is geo-referenced and which we then process through our Geographical Information System (GIS).

The data is summarized and differentiated management areas are defined.

We establish a differentiated nutrition plan for each uniform management area. A monitoring and follow-through program is implemented for the defined fertilization program.

The monitoring and nutritional follow-through consists of a continuous evaluation of the plant’s response to the use of fertilizer. It is based on the use of nutritional monitoring tools such as the analysis of soil, soil solution and plant tissue through the crop's phenological cycle.

The idea of nutritional monitoring and follow-through includes both traditional aspects that are in the public domain, as well as new aspects developed by Spanish corporation Labs & Technological Services AGQ, S.L., that DISAGRO has made available to its clients thanks to the strategic and commercial partnership established with aforementioned corporation in 2008. Labs & Technological Services AGQ, S.L. has over 20 years of experience with different crops in Europe, Northern Africa, South America and the United States.

This technology allows us to constantly monitor and control nutritional aspects linked to crop yield and quality, and to make the necessary corrections to the fertilization program at the right time. This process entails exhaustively monitoring the plant’s absorption and assimilation of elements; based on the study of ion dynamics, the soil’s profile and its relation with the chemical composition of various plant tissues (leaves, fruits, sap, etc.), during the crop’s phenological cycle. This is achieved by integrating the analysis of soil, soil solution and vegetable tissue.

Nutritional follow up includes: 

  1. Installing sensors and georeferencing in spots linked to the management areas.
  2. Taking regular soil solution, plant and fruit samples during the crop cycle.
  3. Analyzing the information that has been gathered together with the farm’s technical teams and assessing the impact of fertilizer applications, making the necessary adjustments.


With AgriTEC we aim to provide our clients with the best possible nutritional solutions that allow them to achieve optimal crop yields and quality. We are partners in the same business and we grow together.