Animal Feed


For the past 15 years, we have worked with the industrial sector in order to provide products for animal feed production. We offer two types of products: the materials required to make formulated feed and ready-made feeds. The first category includes a big variety of raw materials used for well-balanced feed formulations, whereas the second includes ready-made products that are fed directly to the animals.

Monocalcium Phosphate 

Monocalcium phosphate is the main source of phosphate and calcium in animal feeds, mainly used for livestock (poultry, pigs and cows) and fish. Phosphate and calcium are fundamental elements in the animal diet, as they allow animals to develop a strong skeletal system and boost muscle growth. Phosphate is one of the three most important elements in the animal diet. The monocalcium phosphate that we provide is imported from the United States and its bioavailability is 98.5%-99.5%. Added to this, it is a granular product, which facilitates its inclusion in the animal diet and reduces waste when it’s handled, as it is not produced in powder form.

Vitamin Enriched Bovitrin Forte

This is a mineral supplement for livestock that is ideal for the production of fodder and concentrates in Central America. Its constant use produces the following benefits: it corrects mineral deficiencies, it stimulates the consumption of fodder and concentrates, it boosts fertility in both male and female specimens, it increases milk production and it accelerates growth and fattening. It has been produced using first class ingredients with a high a high biological availability. It contains high levels of phosphate, copper, cobalt, zinc and selenium, which are often lacking in the region.