Crop Nutrition


DISAGRO is a leader in the regional fertilizer industry. This includes Central America and Colombia; a market where our sales volume amounts to 2 million metric tons a year.

We have become leaders due to the fact that we focus on the development of a new agriculture with high yields for all the farmers that we serve. We are convinced that only by improving crop yields and thus, farmers’ productivity and profitability, we will contribute effectively to the development of an increasingly competitive and globalized agriculture, as well as the food security of the countries where we work. This is the goal that we have worked towards passionately over the past 35 years.

The fact that we are directly present in each of the countries where we work and that in each of these countries our premises have state-of-the-art technology for fertilizers management and formulation, allows us to meet our clients’ demands by providing them with world class products at highly competitive prices.

DISAGRO is aware of farmers’ needs in terms of crop nutrition and because of this we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of fertilizers and products for crop nutrition, which includes solid fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and a new range of supplementary products that has been developed in order to maximize the crop’s ability to absorb nutrients.

We meet the needs of farmers of all sizes in terms of crop nutrition, directly, by referring them to our highly qualified technical sales representatives, and through our local distributors with whom we have developed a close business relationship and with whom we working in order to develop the market. We have designed a series of business brands that allow farmers to identify and select the best products to meet their needs in terms of crop nutrition.

For those farmers who are willing to consider more advanced technology we have developed the AgriTEC range of services, which enables our clients to reach higher levels of productivity. AgriTEC combines the latest technology in precision farming with the latest technology for the monitoring and surveillance of crop nutrition.

Our team is the best and the most highly motivated in the industry and we are committed to operational excellence and technological innovation in order to make progress in the development of a new agriculture with high yields for all of our farmers.




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