Crop Protection

We offer a wide range of crop protection products, formulated to the highest standards of quality, innovation and excellence.

Crop Nutrition

Our nutritional solutions include solid, soluble and foliar fertilizers along with an innovative range of technologies to maximize nutrient use in crops.

Digital Agriculture

We provide services through AgritecGEO which offer a dynamic and flexible way to manage crops via the use of active, passive, contact and proximity sensors.

This is a new management model supported by digital agriculture diagnostic tools which rapidly gathers, analyzes and communicates information.

The technology offered by NITRO XTEND® works by temporarily blocking urea hydrolysis, significantly reducing losses through nitrogen volatilization in the form of ammonia gas.

Biostimulants are applied to maximize a plant's genetic potential, causing changes in its hormonal state, activating metabolic processes, improving nutritional efficiency, stimulating development and improving response to abiotic stress.



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Client testimonials

Carlos Batres

Las Maravillas Farm, El Salvador
Coffee cultivation

“We’ve had technological improvements, in particular with DISAGRO’s drones, such as quantifying how many plants there are, how many shade trees, what their needs are. They have better products and greater variety, combined with better technology to perform more detailed analysis. You could see a big change. DISAGRO is the ideal company to work with; as well as great service, they have the flexibility to find the best approach for each individual farm.”

Eliezer Antúnez

San Juan Farm, Honduras
Citrus fruit cultivation

“Production was much lower than it is now, with lower-quality fruit. We’ve increased from around 14 metric tons per hectare to over 20 metric tons per hectare. We’ve been working with DISAGRO virtually since the beginning of the project, and they’ve provided a lot of services like solution analysis and soil analysis, and that’s allowed us to increase our production much higher than that of producers who aren’t using DISAGRO products”

Julián Borrero

Britania Farm, Colombia
Sugarcane cultivation

"Production was between 100 and 130 metric tons on average, with some very low results in terms of sugar. With the use of bulk blends and advanced agricultural technology, we’ve now been able to reach an average production of between 150 and 160 metric tons. I decided to work with DISAGRO because I trust them, because the added value of their services has allowed me to obtain better information on my land and therefore improve the productivity of my crops."

Luis Andrés Ayala

Santa Irene Farm, Nahualate Plantations, Guatemala
Banana cultivation

“We’ve been using DISAGRO’s services for 5 years, from soil mapping to humidity sensors. DISAGRO’s services have enabled us to take steps to better choose the areas we develop in banana cultivation. They’ve also allowed us to make decisions on irrigation systems, fertilizer monitoring and changing the formula to give the plantation exactly what it needs and thus maximize our production. In the last 5 years we’ve seen an increase in our output which puts us close to the highest producers in the country.”

José Victor López

Los Papales Farm, Jinotega, Nicaragua
Coffee cultivation

“In the past we would have very good years, but also inconsistent years with 1 to 1.5 metric tons per acre, due to the biannual nature of coffee. We buy many of the inputs we use on the farm from DISAGRO, especially fertilizer, and we also have the nutritional monitoring program, which helps us to come up with possible solutions and be equipped to face problems in the future.”

Felipe Vargas

Varcli Pinares Farm, Costa Rica
Banana cultivation

“I’ve always worked with DISAGRO, it's been the company that’s provided our foliar analysis and weather station. It’s a complete package, more than just receiving fertilizers. It’s the assistance they provide, meeting the plantation's specific requirements, forming a long-term relationship and being a company which is committed to meeting our needs.“