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At DISAGRO we’ve been serving the aquaculture sector in Central America for over 18 years, and this experience has enabled us to develop solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs, principally in shrimp farming. This is partly thanks to innovative software specialized in chemical and biological measurements which is able to precisely determine water quality, forming the basis for the analysis protocols and recommendations provided by our on-site technical crew.

Our AQUAPLUS line has been exclusively designed to meet the different requirements of the aquaculture industry:

A pond fertilizer, 100% soluble and nitrate nitrogen based, which does not contain ammoniacal nitrogen like the majority of fertilizers for agricultural use. Its chemical properties mean it has a positive effect by encouraging phytoplankton and zooplankton, regulating organic matter in soils through a process of oxidation, and instantly delivering oxygen, leading to improved crop stability. Additionally, due to recent market trends towards organic production, we offer a Ferti-Plus Organic version.

Silica-Plus has the highest silicon concentration on the market, and undergoes a thermal process which causes its active ingredient to disperse better and be more easily assimilated. It encourages and regulates growth of diatoms, a specific type of phytoplankton, which are a primary food source for the organisms being cultivated. Diatoms contain high nutritional value, high protein content and unsaturated fatty acids, which help to improve feed conversion ratio and reduce the growth of undesirable phytoplankton species. Silica-Plus is certified organic and comes in granular form, allowing for a slow release over a prolonged period.

A natural biological product, containing a concentrated mix of active enzymes, bacteria and organocatalysts to manage and break down organic and inorganic contaminants found in aquaculture pools and other bodies of water, and improve animals’ intestinal integrity. Its effect is immediate, and it can be applied to the water column, directly to the soil or as a probiotic directly in feed.