Soil Conditioners

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Soil Conditioners

Our land has a range of soil types which vary according to their different origins, environmental conditions and the management they have received. Some tropical soils are naturally acidic, and others may acidify due to long periods of intensive agriculture.

In both cases, it is important to correct the acidity in order to be able to maintain and improve crop yield. Other problems such as compaction can affect soil oxygen levels and water retention, harming root development and consequently productivity.

Conditioner application is the process of introducing compounds which react in the soil and improve its physicochemical conditions, improving the environment and enabling the crop to develop in the appropriate manner.

DISAGRO offers substances which can react in the soil and contribute to improving conditions for the crop.


CorreXion® CalciMag
CorreXion® CalciMag
Dolomite lime to condition or correct acidic soil conditions.
Silicato Agrícola Térmico
Thermally Activated Agricultural Silicate
Thermally activated potassium feldspar with high silicon concentration.