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We help our clients to implement the best agricultural practices to ensure safe produce and a sustainable operation.

Pesticide degradation curves

With this service we can determine the degradation or dissipation behavior of an active ingredient in the plant, with the aim of reducing the risk of harvested fruit registering residue values over the maximum residue level (MRL) set for that active ingredient.

The degradation of a pesticide in a plant is affected by factors specific to the crop and its environment, as well as intrinsic characteristics of its chemical nature and formulation. Other factors such as method, dose and number of applications determine the degradation speed. Exceeding the maximum residue levels can lead to exports or sales being compromised due to infringements of the legislation.

The benefits of this service are:

  1. Determining the dissipation behavior of pesticides before harvest, according to a particular farm’s specific management.
  2. Contributing to more precise and technical management to avoid unanticipated residues.
  3. Encouraging a higher level of trust in the agricultural and commercial operation.
Risk analysis, supplier control

In the export market, the fruits and vegetables being sold are usually bought from different producers and then collected together. In these cases, the exporter must perform monitoring to ensure that the goods being collected comply with legislation concerning the maximum residue levels of pesticides.

The aim of this service is to provide a monitoring tool specific to the port of origin, to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables comply with the established requirements regarding residue from plant protection products or other micropollutants.

GAP pre-audits

This service is supported by adopting the best agricultural management plans and implementing the appropriate practices to ensure safe produce and a sustainable operation.

Verification and documentation of the processes involved in production is a vital part of the commercialization of fresh produce for export.

To meet this need, DISAGRO has skilled technical personnel, accompanied by independent consultants who have been trained and approved by world-renowned organizations.