Digital Agriculture

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Digital Agriculture

DISAGRO’s digital agriculture services are delivered entirely via AgritecGEO. These services provide the farmer with a dynamic and flexible way of managing crops. Based on the principles of precision agriculture, AgritecGEO uses digital agriculture to rapidly collect, process and display information, enabling the farmer to make correct and timely decisions.

Through the use of sensors (active, passive, contact and proximity), digital agriculture improves on conventional methods of field data collection, not just in terms of quantity over time or by area, but also in terms of the accuracy and speed with which it analyzes, processes and presents information.

Adoption of digital agriculture helps the farmer to mitigate the adverse effects of factors beyond their control, such as weather, pests or diseases. Moreover, it increases the efficiency of all the factors they do control, such as timing, dose, type and source of crop nutrition and protection products; decisions on irrigation frequency, flow rate and volume; what varieties to sow and in what density; and even which soil preparation equipment is best suited to the soil’s physical properties.

In summary, digital agriculture provides the farmer with real-time information enabling them to decide which products and methods they should be using in their fields, along with when, how and in what quantities, thus increasing their crops’ profitability.

Types of technology

  1. Farm Administrative Software
  2. Farm Management Software
  3. Satellite Images
  4. High Resolution Images
  5. Proximity Sensors
  1. Intelligent Weather
  2. Disease Models for Prognosis of Incidence and Infection
  3. Connectivity
  4. Analysis and Diagnosis