Environmental Responsibility

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Environmental Responsibility

In terms of avoiding environmental pollution, our focus is on constantly reducing waste. This applies to both the manufacture and use of our products. By fully utilizing all the materials used in the manufacture of our products, we have completely eliminated environmental pollution from our production processes. There is no waste from our production processes - they are completely self-contained. Additionally, our production facilities are run according to an environmental management plan to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

Concerning the use of our products, we constantly encourage practices and technologies which maximize their efficiency in the field in order to eliminate waste going into the environment. This makes sense from an environmental point of view, but it equally makes sense from an economic point of view for the farmer, who naturally wants the products they buy and use in the field to be utilized as fully as possible, rather than being wasted and polluting the environment.

We believe that, by producing increasing amounts of food within the same surface area already being cultivated, we can minimize the expansion of the agricultural frontier and subsequently minimize the need to convert areas of jungle and forest into new areas of agricultural land.