Intelligent Input Application

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Intelligent Input Application

At DISAGRO we work with different crops using data, machinery and advanced application technology. We provide an input application service based on data and technology as a way of increasing agricultural productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

To tackle the challenge of maximizing profitability, our Intelligent Input Application offers you the following workflow:

Sensing and monitoring service
Our solution consists of offering an accessible planning service which gathers, aggregates and presents relevant physical and chemical data on soil, and on the quality, quantity and development of crops in the field, obtained with high frequency and precision.

Analysis service and decision-making support
Once we have this data we offer analysis and interpretation services, in order to make better informed and more appropriate decisions based on a better understanding of the attributes of the soil and the developmental stage of the crop.

Advanced planning stage

  • Delineation of management zones
  • Soil sampling
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Remote sensing

Agricultural intervention service
The decisions made during this process are implemented using the precision technologies we offer, which allow agricultural inputs to be applied in an efficient and precise manner.

Precision implementation stage
AVANTAGRO offers the following Fertilizer and Herbicide Intelligent Application services.

  • Precision fertilizer application
  • Precision herbicide application