Statement of our core values

Statement of Our Company's Principles, Values and Beliefs:
At DISAGRO we strive to embody the following principles, beliefs
and values more and more each day.

  1. We believe in honesty as an overriding principle, and we value the ability of all our leaders and colleagues to judge what is true or false, and what is good or bad.
  2. We value integrity as a principle which should guide the behavior of everyone within the organization. We believe that one of the most important ways a company can demonstrate its integrity is in its commitment to providing accurate weights and measures; this, in turn, is one of the most important ways we can gain the precious trust and loyalty of our clients.
  3. We value fairness and a culture of equality within the organization. These factors are essential for achieving the best organizational climate within the company, characterized by a high level of team spirit among all the staff members, and their trust and loyalty towards the company and its leaders.
  4. We believe in efficient, timely, honest and courteous communication, focusing on the effective exchange of information to aid the company’s productivity.
  5. We believe that victory is won with many advisers. We value a collaborative environment where everyone’s opinions are heard, and where the leaders involve their staff in decision-making. We value constructive and fair criticism through open and honest communication, with the aim of improving everything we do in the company and striving for innovation in products and services which exceed our clients’ expectations.
  6. We value diligence - the mindset of getting things done promptly and with the best attitude, doing them to an excellent standard right from the start. We believe that diligence is an essential part of the company’s competitiveness, as it leads to tremendous productivity and the highest levels of client satisfaction.
  7. We believe in a culture which promotes and respects order, where there are clear policies and rules, well-structured systems and processes, and clearly defined responsibilities and duties.
  8. We value respect for authority and the company’s hierarchical structure. We value discipline, following instructions and taking feedback on board, recognizing that these principles are fundamental to innovation, and to constantly improving the standard of everything we do as a company.
  9. We believe that everyone in the company should treat others as they would wish to be treated. We value respect for the dignity and integrity of other people, and we believe in friendly, courteous and respectful behavior among colleagues.
  10. We believe in helping those who need it most, especially if we can do it in a way that utilizes our skills and abilities as a company and as individuals.
  11. We believe that we should adhere to the principles of integrity, fairness, equality and order in our relationships with the communities we are a part of, with our clients, with our suppliers and with the investors in our company, so that these relationships are always defined by mutual trust and loyalty.
  12. We believe in the one true God, the Creator, and that the above principles are derived from Him. We believe in His infinite wisdom. We believe that when our plans are established by Him, and when with faith and humility we allow ourselves to be guided by His principles, we can achieve incredible things, because His power can be manifested through us.