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Who are we?

¿Who are we?

We're an international company of Guatemalan origin, a leading brand with a comprehensive line of agricultural inputs, digital agriculture and other products and services in Central America and Columbia.

At DISAGRO we offer our clients the most comprehensive range of agricultural products, services and technology. We import, produce, formulate, sell and distribute fertilizer, along with other products involved in crop nutrition and protection, irrigation and fertigation equipment, plasticulture, agricultural seeds, biostimulants and biologicals. We provide digital agriculture services and platforms, and precision agriculture and intelligent input application services. In addition to this, we also provide machinery and equipment for agriculture, industry and construction, agricultural and industrial bags and containers, industrial solutions and logistics solutions.


Our mission:
To provide more food and development in the region.

Trade in agricultural products, technology and services (fertilizer, agrochemicals, etc.):
We drive competitiveness in the agriculture sector by offering our clients the most innovative and effective products and services in the world.


VHonesty and integrity:
We value honesty and integrity as the overriding principles which guide everything we do.

We are highly competitive and always want to be number one.

Long-term relationships:
We build long-term relationships based on trust, loyalty and respect.